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  1. I was 1972-1975 stationed at Patton Barracks,519th Trans Co.(car),anyone stationed at that time please respond to my e-mail. Retired 64-C/88-M 20 years.

  2. hey ya’ll i was in Prinz Eugen Kaserne in Günzburg from 79-84 then i Lee Barracks in Mainz from 85-87. Is somebody out there “Follow Me”

  3. I was with combat support co.59-62 at gablingen germany. some fond memories, and some that weren’t so good.

  4. HERZO BASE (Herzogenaurach FRG), served with HHB 3/37TH FA BN.. “ON THE MINUTE” from APR ’84-NOV ’85..

    The BEST TIMES of my ADULT LIFE.. “Ich LIEBE Deutschland”

    Greensboro, NC

  5. Any Cav or 259 cooks still alive from 1983-1985?

  6. At the Rock, C 2/36th Inf (the deeds not words) company, then the Stingers section at HHC from 81 to 84, traveled all the major training areas at least 3 times like everybody else and even if I couldn’t wait to leave still miss a lot of the memories.

  7. Stationed at Ray Barracks 1973 – 1976 HHB 2/27 FA……Radar Section.

  8. Ed Andras ( Andy) I was at McCully Bks. From 1966 – 1968. Pershing Missile Unit. We were in “D” Bty. And pretty much all hung around together. This past May 3 of my old buddies and I and all of our Wife’s all got together for a 47 year reunion. Their Names are Ken Butler, Dan Opaska, Don Donnelly and me Ed Andras. It was a great visit and plan on meeting again in about another year! Thanks Administrator for the time and space I used up tonight !

  9. I was an Army Brat until 1972 and spent most of our tours in Germany. I was actually born in Wertheim. I was 12 when my mom married my stepdad who was an American GI. In the 7 years until I enlisted in the USAF at 19 we lived in:
    Peden Barracks , Wertheim
    Fayettville NC, Ft. Brag (dad did hist first tour in Vietnam)
    Ft. Leonard Wood Mo.
    Paul Revere Village, Karlsruhe…I can’t remember which Kaserne my stepdad was assigned to
    Shilling Manor KS…housing for families where active military member was on remote tour (2nd tour in Vietnam)
    Warner Barracks, Bamberg
    I loved it. It became really interesting in the early 70′s when most of us kids kind of “hippied-out”.I’ll never forget one day when I went to pick up my dad who was a Mess Sgt in Bamberg. Picture this, a long haired bell bottom pants and tied died shirt wearing kid walking up to the CQ, who was maybe a year or two older than me, and asking for SFC.Davis (who was known to be real anal about enforcing military appearance with his troops). The CQ open mouth asked me how I got away with looking the way I did, mentioning my dad’s anal expectations of his troops. I think my answer blew him away when I told him that his troops were active military and I was not and that my dad did not expect us kids to conform to military hair styles and dress.

  10. I was at Katterbach Army heliport 1988-1990. I was assigned to I CO 1st AVN REGT, 1AD ,AVIM Hanger, sheetmetal shop.

  11. I was at Merrell Barracks April ’67 to Oct ’68, a Medic assigned to 3/17Artillery Hdq Batt.

  12. I was stationed at Neureut Kaserne from 79-82

  13. Storck Barracks, Illesheim from Dec. 70 to Jan 72. Served as tracked vehicle mechanic in A Co., 2nd Bn., 51st inf. Worked with Martin Rees, Paul Mangiofico, Landon Fowler, Larry Wagoner, Charles Horton, Sgt Glenn Daniel, Sgt Kenneth Vining, Lt. Fredo. Would love to hear from those there at that time.

  14. I was stationed at Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Germany from 83-85 with Alpha Company.

  15. Bad Cannstadt, 1973-74; Schwaebisch Hall 1974-75
    Kirchgoens 1980-82; Butzbach 1982-83; Kransberg 1983-85
    Nuremberg 1992-94

  16. 518th Sig Co Linderhofe Germany 84-86 and several years as a contractor til 95

  17. Ray Barracks, Friedberg/Hesse 1960-62
    B Co, HQ Platoon (later 4th Platoon)
    CCC, 36th ARB, 3rd Armored.
    Revisited in 2007, 2008 & 2010
    Kaserne (sadly) closed and derelict)

  18. HHC 2cd 68th Armor
    Smith Barracks
    Baumholder ,Germany

    • Was that old tank still there at 68th Bn Hq’s. The 1st Arm Div had a lot of military
      vehicles around the Wagon Wheel Theater (1998). Jim Smith

  19. Illesheim 80-83 and 85-87. 1/6 Inf.

  20. I was stationed on Francoise Kaserne 1986- 1988, Hanau, Germany

  21. Was stationed on Wildflecken from 1987-1989 with S&T Troop, CSS, 11th ACR. Moved to Fulda in the latter part of 1989

  22. I was stationed at Spinelli Barracks in Mannheim/Feudenheim in the 1st Maint. Bn. 1966-1968. I worked in the engineer shop and meet a lot of life long friends and would like to find others. We had one hell of a time and went to a lot of the local Gastehaus’s.

  23. Team,

    I was stationed in Wildflecken, Germany 1988-1990. I was assigned to 144th Ordnance Company. Anyone was their around that time hit me back.

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