There's a lot of fun places in Erlangen.  The city is another great place to be in.  Lots of clubs and bistros everywhere.  Here on this page are some of the favorites around town at different times and dates.

If you have a favorite you would like to put on here, Email photos to:

<Downtown Erlangen, McDonals in background to the right.

NCO Club
from Eddie Pierce

Goldener Hecht
from Eddie Pierce


Ferris Barracks NCO Club. Now a guesthouse called the Uncum. Real Popular hang-out in 70s.
Most GIs called it the Golden Hex.
McDonalds hit Erlangen around 1976.  Some GIs and locals hung-out in here.

Prinz Heinrich
from Eddie Pierce


from Daniel Morphet

Right on the cornor from Ferris Barracks.  Pommes Frittes with Mayo. The beer garden of the Unicum guest house. What used to be Georges during the 70s & 80s is now  Santorini.


Erlangen McDonalds
from Alan Stubbs

Cafe Mengin
from Alan Stubbs

Great hang-out during the 50s, 60s, 70s and part of the 80s. A closer shot of McDonalds in downtown Erlangen. A great little cafe in Erlangen.  My wife's favorite.


Favorite Shopping
from Alan Stubbs

Kitzmann Brewery
from Daniel Morphet

The Walfisch during the 50s & 60s.  During the 70s it was the Napoli. 3 favorite stores to shop at all in the same photo.  Quelle, Horten and C&A.  Horten was Hertie's. The Kitzmann Brewery in Erlangen, Germany


Black Bear
from Daniel Morphet

Black Bear Disco
from Daniel Morphet


The old Black Bear disco is now a Japanese Restaurant. Now called the Nippen  

Nürnberg Military Area