"The Nürnberg Army Hospital may be gone, but we can keep it alive with our stories, photos and by sharing our memories"

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  A lot of people who where stationed there would be happy to see them.


The US Army Hospital, Nuernberg was the first German Army Hospital to be built after the renouncement of the Treaty of Versailles.  Construction was begun in 1934 and completed in 1937.  The building was personally dedicated by Adolf Hitler.  The hospital was controlled by the German Army District Surgeon and operated by personnel of the German 17th Infantry Division Medical Detachment.

During World War II, the hospital was expanded to serve 1500 patients in the Main Building and 500 more in temporary buildings.  In the closing months of the war, the six story central section was bombed causing severe damage which was not completely repaired until March 1947.  The Hospital came under the control of the US Army on the 20th of June 1945, when elements of the US Army occupied Nuernberg.  On the 24th of June 1945, the 116th General Hospital set up operations in the Main Building.  Since 1945, the Hospital has been occupied by various US Army Hospital units. The last being the 98th General Hospital Nuernberg with a 175 bed patient capacity.






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