This part of the website is being built to provide  former and present military personnel and their dependents that were once stationed at William O. Darby Kaserne a place to get in contact with each other, their German friends and share their comments and  photos.   Fürth residents and the people of the surrounding area are welcome also.

"William O. Darby Kaserne may be gone, but we can keep it alive with our stories, photos and by sharing our memories"

The Ferris Barracks website was started about 2 years ago.  When it started out it looked like this page, but within a couple of months the guest book and message board started filling up and photos coming in from everywhere.  Now the site has over 1000 photos.  The visitors to the site say they check it out 2 or 3 times a day.  From the stats on the site, it gets about 300 visits a day.

Ferris Barracks is in the lead on this website also.  Already have two pages of photos sent in and a promise of more to come.

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